Money $chool

Cost: Free

SHREVEPORT OFFICE (331 E. 71st Street):
Every Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 a.m.
(limited to 30 students; adults only, no children allowed)

MONROE OFFICE (3208 Concordia Street)
Every Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. excluding the last Tuesday of each month
(class limit is 15 students)

LAKE PROVIDENCE (409 Second Street)
Call (318) 559-2345 for class schedule

Those who seek Emergency Assistance (rent or utility payments) from Catholic Charities are required to attend one session of The Money $chool to become eligible for assistance

Catholic Charities of North Louisiana’s Financial Education Program, The Money $chool offers low-income individuals an opportunity to learn how to better manage their income.  During this financial empowerment class, attendees learn financial lessons such as to how to create an individual budget, open and maintain a bank account, begin a savings account and plan for the future, decrease unnecessary spending, and use those “found” dollars in a better way, like paying down debt, adding to savings, and how to avoid predatory lenders.

Our goal is to offer “a hand up rather than a handout” and guide our clients along with a better, healthier and happier financial path. CCNLA also offers financial empowerment coaching to support and encourage each person who has completed a class to follow the plan designed just for them.

To reserve your spot in our next class, please call your local office (listed above). Then complete our application below to save time on the day of the class!

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